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Cleaning Your Doll Is Just Like Cleaning Yourself!

Most people who own real looking sex dolls are quite anal-retentive about cleaning them. If you are worried about how managing your TPE sex doll works, cleaning your sex doll is just like cleaning yourself. Using just antibacterial soap, water, and swab sponges, you clean the parts you've used out and dried them with paper towels or non-abrasive cloth. However, over-cleaning your sex doll can cause the doll's skin to degrade quicker and shorten its lifespan, so cleaning her at least once a week should improve its longevity.

Sex Dolls Can Last A Long Time

Love dolls can last for years when taken care of correctly. A TPE sex doll or a thermoplastic elastomer sex doll is made with a softer rubber that's highly water-resistant, has heat retaining properties, and is comfortable to repair and clean. With a silicone love doll, silicone is non-toxic, insoluble to water, odorless, and has a high absorption performance that makes this variety of sex doll realistic. Both have a long life span in terms of their performance and can last for up to 6 to 7 years at most if cared for well.

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