Who are we? 

BestSexyDolls® is the official retailer for the most luxurious sex doll brands in Japan and China

What is the BestSexyDolls® Rest-easy Guarantee?

We meet the highest standards of the product life cycle throughout stages of:

  • Custom Design
  • Quality of Material
  • Quality Assurance & Inspection
  • Shipping
  • Post Sale Support

We ensure that every single product is at the best possible condition and quality before shipped to you.

Quality of Our Products & Inspection

What you see on site is what you will get, A+ quality grade material, long lasting sex dolls.

We do not Photoshop our dolls; this is exactly how they look in real life.

We stand behind the quality of our dolls and have dedicated staff at the production line to ensure each doll is being carefully inspected prior shipping.

Our job is to make sure you get a 100% perfect condition product.

Once fully inspected, the doll will get our signature of approval and be on her way to you!

Feel more than welcome to compare our dolls with others and see the difference.

About the guarantee

The BestSexyDolls® Rest-easy Guarantee applies to our entire store products, no exception.

Upon receiving, please inspect your love doll carefully and see that everything is OK.

If you found that, there was a mistake in your order or a significant defect with your love doll, report it to us within 48 hours of receipt (Contact Details below, or you may use our web form)

In such case, please do not use your doll; otherwise the guarantee will be void. We want you to be happy but you understand that giving back a used product is not possible.

Please contact us with short description of your claim, order number, and contact details so we can reach out to you as soon as possible (We usually respond within 8-12 hours)

You may be asked to attach photos / videos to you to support your claim.

Our guarantee ensures that in a rare case of a significant defect with your sex doll, we will support you in the repair, compensate you, or replace your doll at no extra charge.

As mentioned before, if you feel a replacement may be in order, do not use your doll. Keep her in a new and unused condition, with the box and all the packaging materials.

In which cases the guarantee is VOID

Your doll must be returned in the original packaging, brand-new condition, and not used, if you have used the doll guarantee is void.  

What is not covered by the guarantee and why?

  • Lack of care - If the doll has some damages that were caused by you, she cannot be returned
  • Small / unnoticeable skin imperfections

Why are our prices so competitive? 

We are the official retailer of the most luxurious sex doll brands in japan and china.
We use no intermediary to market our products so our customers can enjoy the best quality and lowest rates possible!

BestSexyDolls® cares about our customers and we are willing to go way and beyond to ensure a perfect experience.

Do you have any questions?

Would you like to consult with us before ordering?

We would love to hear from you! Always feel free to reach out to us anytime! 

Customer care is available via:

  1. Contact Form
  2. By phone : (+972) 52-858-0142
  3. Via email : support@bestsexydolls.com
  4. Live Chat located at the lower right corner of your screen, during regular business hours.