Doll Care & Maintenance

How Do I Properly Clean My Sex Doll?

Our recommendation is clean your beautiful doll after every single use.

Do not worry - It is very easy to clean TPE material sex dolls – just put her in a warm bath or shower, and please use some very light antibacterial soap. Wash her wig separately, using a simple shampoo and conditioner. Please do not use a blow dryer on any part of her body, this includes the doll wig.

Part of the fact that TPE Material gives you sense of the real feel is the fact that its soft but it is also very porous material, and not cleaning the doll after every usage can cause hygiene and health issues, so please make sure to clean the doll properly after every usage - it only takes few minutes.

Water & Baby powder

Dry your doll using a towel with gentle pats. Do not let any water stay on her body for too long. It is also recommended to apply baby powder to her body after washed and dried. This procedure will remove any unwanted moisture and make your beauty’s skin soft exactly as the day that you bought her. TPE Silicone material, especially after being washed may become a little bit sticky. having applied baby powder will make your sex doll’s skin smooth 24/7.

this does not mean you cannot shower with your doll , on the contrary - feel free to take a shower with your doll , just don't forget to dry her oral, vaginal and anal canals to prevent any formation of bacteria. 

Professional Advice

Keep your doll in a dry and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and freezing temperatures.
Try to use only water-based lubricant for oral, vaginal and anal cavities to prevent the doll’s skin from tearing.
Petroleum and silicone lubricants may permanently damage your sex doll.
You may also use a condom for a simple cleanup after use. 

Always make sure that your doll’s hygiene is met.
It is just as important, as your own hygiene.
Keeping the TPE Sillicone body clean and sanitized will keep her lasting for many years.